Transcendental Meditation
Reduces Risk Factors

Eighty percent of women between 40-60 years of age have at least one heart disease risk factor that can be addressed and controlled. For most of us the onset of heart disease takes place over many years filled with unhealthy choices, behaviors and emotions. The American Heart Association claims that more than 70% of cardiac events in white people and more than 90% in black people have some potential to be prevented.

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Behaviors such as lack of exercise, smoking, and consumption of salt intake can be altered. Conditions such as stress, high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol levels or low good cholesterol levels, obesity, and uncontrolled diabetes can be reduced.

The personal experiences of many women as well as scientific research have shown that many risk factors can be reduced or eliminated as a result of the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

The TM technique, practiced sitting comfortably with eyes closed, is simple, natural and effortless. It does not involve religion, philosophy, special diet or change in lifestyle. TM allows the mind and body to gain deep rest and eliminate deeply rooted stress. In dozens of published studies and with the help of millions in NIH research funding, the TM technique has proven itself to be highly effective in reducing risk factors and supporting cardiovascular health.