• Introductory Presentation on the Principles of the TM® technique (29:53)

  • Cardiologist Dr. Steinbaum on TM and heart health (6:12)

  • Overcoming Food Addiction (1:58)

  • Overcoming Stress at Cancer
    Treatment Center (7:22)

  • NBC report: Howard University
    Hospital study on women and
    high blood pressure (2:38)

  • Anxiety and stomach distress disappear with TM (1:14)

  • Supermodel Raquel Zimmermann on lifestyle, smoking, and meditation (2:03)

  • TM: Reducing the need for health care in the elderly (0:21)

  • Dr. Pamela Peeke at the Intrepid (6:03)

  • Women and Girls Tell what Transcendental Meditation does for them (3:15)

  • Go-Red spokesperson highlights heart attack symptoms (0:29)

  • Acclaimed national expert gives women advice on heart health (57:42)